Charles Street graft 3

February '21

In 2021, we begin (in a distanced fashion) a multi-year project of grafting climate vulnerable scion wood onto ruderal rootstock. This research-creation, to use a term by Natalie Loveless, is inspired by artist and GXC collaborator Oliver Kellhammer’s work on hyperorganisms. Since ruderal species are so adaptive, taking root in all kinds of soils and changing conditions, they could be a perfect host to species that aren’t so quick to respond to dramatic temperature changes, and disturbance. Each year, we support different rootstock to experiment with. In 2021, we choose the Hawthorne. We invite our GXC network to share Crataegus rootstock with folks who need it, and encourage others to grow out root cuttings from existing trees.

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In February, we are gathering scionwood and Hawthorne rootstock, and working on connecting resources across distributed nodes. If you are in a nearby watershed and have scionwood to share or are looking for a varietal or rootstock, email info AT guerrillagrafters.org

March '21

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Resource Share

Throughout March we invite our network to share what tree-related antics they are up to by calling our 800 number (1-888-GRRRAFT) and sharing images of their grafts through this form [BETA].

March 07, 10:00-1:00:

Tending the Urban Forest in Troy, NY

Learn about the NATURE Lab foodscape and how to care for our arboreal family, with professional arborists from the More Trees Cooperative.

You will learn by doing, and will experience being part of an arborist collective at work. In the midst of this real-world workshop, you will learn how to prune a fruit tree, proper pruning techniques, about urban weeds, tree identification and safety practices with sharp hand tools.

With Collard City Growers. (***As health experts project we will continue to social distance into 2021, we’ll plan to wear masks.)

Visit this link: https://www.mediasanctuary.org/event/tending-the-urban-forest/

March 07, 1-2:30:

Creating Edible Urban Worlds: Techniques and Politics of Guerrilla Grafting with Margaretha Haughwout

This online workshop will introduce participants to the basics of fruit tree grafting, with attention to urban street trees. Margaretha Haughwout of the Guerrilla Grafters will demonstrate basic grafting techniques, discuss strategies for grafting on city streets, and talk about the stakes involved for tactical urban commons. She will outline the dynamics of public and private space in urban contexts, and how this guerrilla practice situates in larger interventionist, ecological, and social art contexts. For more information and to sign-up, visit this link: https://pioneerworks.org/classes/creating-edible-urban-worlds-techniques-and-politics-of-guerrilla-grafting/

March 27, 1-2:30:

Community (socially distanced) tree walk with DEC forester Greg Owens and artist Margaretha Haughwout

Greg Owens will guide guests through Lelands Reserve, identifying trees and discussing the history of the site. We will graft some of the wild apple and hawthorn that we find. Sign-up here through this link: <<Tree Walk and Grafting Demos with DEC Forester Greg Owens and artist Margaretha Haughwout>>

April '21

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Resource Share

Throughout April we invite our network to share what tree-related antics they are up to by calling our 800 number (1-888-GRRRAFT) and sharing images of their grafts through this form [BETA]