Grafters X Change is a bioregional eco-art event where fruit tree enthusiasts throughout Central New York converge to share scionwood and seeds, skills, fruit foods, and art projects in a collaborative and interdisciplinary setting. We are committed to ecological justice and honor ancestral legacies of multispecies collaboration and care.

Grafters X Change considers distributed and decentralized network models as vital components of resiliency and uses grafting as a metaphor for these digital and protocological connections. Mesh networks, peer-to-peer communications, and other ways of embedding information locally are welcome topics in future years.

Sovereign Territory:
Grafters X Change and the Food Forest Studio reside on traditional Oneida territory, part of the the Haudenosunee Confederacy. Oneida territory has never been ceded.

We do our work in the Susquehannah River watershed, which drains into the Chesapeake Bay. The Oneida Lake watershed (within the larger Oswego River/ Finger Lake watershed, which drains into lake Ontario), as well as the Mohawk River watershed (that drains into the Hudson) are very close.

Artists & Organizers: Margaretha Haughwout and Marisa Prefer. See full list of participating artists here:
Thanks to Student Assistants including Destiny Sambrano and Emma Kaminski
and Initial design by Stephanie McClintick
Amazing Staff: Kevin Donlin, Angela Kowalski,  Lois Wilcox, Mark Williams, Julie Dudrick

In previous years, Grafters X Change has received generous support from the Colgate Arts Council and the Upstate Institute.